Using the powerful Consciousness Coaching® Protocols and methodologies, Thea lovingly offers powerful productive partnership in the following:

Dynamic Group Coaching
High Integrity

Other offerings

  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Conscious Team Building
  • Inspired Speaking Engagements
  • Guided Imagery for Empowerment
  • Hands-of-Love Soul Alignment with Thea
Welcome to my OFFERINGS

I’m #Positive, Business Coach from Gaborone

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Dynamic Group Coaching

I collaborate with people, teams, and businesses to develop systems, strategies, and processes to do better within the work place

Move together as one...

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Dynamic Group Coaching is magic! I absolutely love the energy of a group who are moving together toward a wider vision!

This is what group coaching is all about. Group Coaching brings clarity to its participants, shines a spotlight on integrity and illuminates purpose. It is a fabulous way to streamline and unify teams who struggle with communication or are wavering in taking responsibility.

Whether the core of the team is vibrant or lacks lustre, coaching can enhance the sense of passion, drive and insight in each member raising their ability to action and improve the magnetic qualities of the group as a whole. Remember we are only as strong as our weakest link!

Group coaching provides direction - plain and simple!

Private Innercore Coaching Sessions

Here, I am offering you the privacy and intimacy of my undivided attention!

These conversations are personalized one-on-one coaching sessions offered in the comfort of my office at Innercore or online as you prefer.

Are you ready to commit to greatness, happiness and having the freedom to be a creative force?

Are you longing for a change to the status quo?

You are in the right space to benefit from personal life coaching.

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You are my number one priority as we embark on your coaching journey starting with a relaxed check in, acknowledging your being, defining your needs, desires and purpose and building upon consciousness-your limitless power of potential.

Private coaching can be used to powerfully "up your game" and experience a whole new level of awareness that connects you with your passion and enthusiasm for life. Personal sessions can support you to open up about your insecurities, fears, blocks and challenges, and become clear about what is holding you back from achieving your highest dreams.

If you are feeling depressed or triggered a good private coaching session with me can definitely get you to feel loved, acknowledged, and more than human in as little as one hour.

Use private coaching to create wealth and abundance in all areas of your life. Tools of consciousness delivered in our coaching together can be incredibly useful in gifting you insights that in turn bring sustainable solutions and new possibilities to light.

Perhaps your life is already fabulous and you just want to take the time to build on your strengths or relationships, and create strategies to share your fabulosity with the world? A focused private coaching session can maintain and enrich your flow so you can keep delivering your best.

Power Up Your Dreams!

High Integrity Coaching

Is there still something more you look to achieve? Is true happiness still eluding you? Is the next step just out of sight?

Are you at the peak of your game, doing what you say you will by when you say you will, sharing your talents at a very high level and making targets within a  certain comfort zone?

If you could open up one new door in your life to achieve one more moment, what would that be?

High Integrity Coaching is serious business. It is about absolute focus and commitment to excellence.

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Do you feel like you want to break through that glass ceiling or that you are standing on a plateau with no more mountains to climb and to attain the next level?

If you answered a 100% yes to any of the above, I recommend a cycle of sessions to get your mojo on! Single sessions are only for those who are maintaining after a cycle of sessions.

You already know what you are capable of and that there is probably more to do, to be, to see and what if high performance coaching could get you there?

I will be asking more accountability from you than in my usual personal coaching sessions. I will be demanding a high degree of integrity of 80% or more.

My commitment to you is to be your highly dependable accountability partner. I will challenge you to go further than you think you can and to create abundance in your life and the lives of others. I will empower you to the achieve and fast track your goals 100% to make them happen. I will be available for daily email queries and 3 minute power coaching chats on Whatsapp or Zoom in the day and 10 minute calls outside my working hours and on weekends. You will be prioritized on my client list for support.

Relationship coaching

The coaching uses the  Consciousness Coaching® protocol, awareness creations and  methodology as with private coaching sessions.

You may use relationship coaching to enhance, evolve and re-build business partnerships, marriages, new or old relationships, family member relationships so the coaching it is not limited only to romantic partners!

My approach is to create a space of non-judgement for both parties to explore mutually beneficial dreams, create solutions to current challenges, life path plans and more.

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My relationship coaching exists to strengthens communication, fortify bonds of mutual appreciation, challenge old patterns that are no longer serving, and increase love and happiness.

Relationship coaching is complimentary to counseling although it would not be accurate to confuse coaching with counseling. Traditional relationship counselling helps identify and heal troubled issues stemming from a difficult past.

Coaching empowers and encourages both parties to move in the direction of a mutually beneficial goal even as that goal may be to acknowledge differences and move in seemingly separate directions. Healing may occur as a result of working together, creating the supportive condition for speaking from the heart to the identify core matters of the relationship. From here, clear decisions and commitments can be chosen not in reaction but in creation.

Emotions are honored, acknowledged and stories are let go with respect and with a new awareness to move beyond individualistic stories that separate the relationship. The parties work toward embracing a holistic context that includes a whole approach. There is ample time to share perspectives and choose a way forward that will enhance the relationship.